My Inventor creature

My big creature makes proud in so many ways.

He has such a wonderfully creative and inventive mind and a thoughtful, kindhearted soul.

He loves his electronic things … computers … cell phones … PDAs … video games … etc. When he’s not working or playing on one, he enjoys creating them out of whatever materials he has handy. For example, in Papa’s workshop he was given the chance to build something out of wood. So he made himself a laptop that would also play his Nintendo DS video games. Cute.

Well, on Thanksgiving we were at Nana and Papa’s house and after the cousins left, the boys were left to play on their own. My creatures decided to open a store where the adults could buy stuff from them. My middle creature was selling drinks (he just loves to work the water dispenser in the fridge) and my big creature was selling his cardboard creations. Nana requested an iPod, which he went about to make and then sold to her. When he asked me what I wanted, I was a bit distracted and didn’t really have a good answer for him. So he went back to his shop. He came back to me with two wonderful things for me to buy – a “Comcast VMU” which stores all the info about my knitting projects and a “Knit Magic Pro” which will design patterns for me. They are both copyrighted “Orange Soda Inc.” (his favorite color is orange and his nickname at school is “Orange Soda”.)

I’m not only amazed every time he comes up with such unique and interesting ideas, I’m so impressed that he really puts so much thought into what he’s designing. Wouldn’t you expect a 10 year old to invent something that a 10 year old would be interested in – like the laptop he built? Not my 10 year old creature. Mine makes me something that he knows will be important to me, something that I am deeply interested in. Attention deficit? Baloney! Self-absorbed preteen? Bah! He’s paid enough attention to the knitting that I’ve been doing and the websites I’ve been lurking at (my VMU is set to the Ravelry website!) He knows enough to make a product that appeals to me and cares enough about me to make something that will make me happy.

I wonder if he knows how happy it really does make me …


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