Small Creature’s hat

My first knitting pattern design!

Yesterday I decided that my small creature needed a hat to go with the mittens I’d knit for him. I didn’t see any patterns that really jumped out at me, so I just cast on and started knitting and made it up as I went along.

My small creature is 3 years old. His head circumference is about 20 inches. This hat also fits my middle creature who is 5 and a half. His head measures around. This hat could easily be made in another size or with another yarn. Sarah with An H has an excellent explanation of how to figure out how to do this in the pattern notes of her Flapper Hat pattern. If you would like to make this hat in a different size or with a different gauge yarn, you may need to adjust the number of rows of each color (more for a larger hat or thinner yarn, or fewer for a smaller hat or bulkier yarn) or adjust the number of rounds of ribbing so that the decreases aren’t too high or low on the head.

I had a skein (73 yards/50 grams) of purple Queensland Collection Peru Chunky Luxury (color A) and a skein (60 yards/50 grams) Queensland Collection Kathmandu Ultra in dark blue (color B). You could use any bulky weight yarn. Gauge on both yarns: 4 inches per inch, size 10 needles in stockinette stitch .

I used size a 10 16-inch circular needle and switched to double pointed needles when necessary. If desired, the entire hat may be worked on double-point needles instead of using a circular needle.

k2tog = knit 2 stitches together

Pattern directions:

Using color A, cast on 80 stitches, join, being careful not to twist.

Round 1: [K2, P2] to end. Repeat this round of 2×2 Rib for two inches.

Next round: Place marker to indicate beginning of round and join color B. Work 6 rounds of stockinette stitch, switching colors every 6 rows until you have two rows of each color.

Change to color B and begin decreasing

Decrease round 1: *k2tog, k6* around,

Decrease round 2 and 3: knit around
Decrease round 4: *k2tog, k5* around

Decrease round 5 and 6: knit around
Decrease round 7: *k2tog, k4* around

Decrease round 8 and 9: knit around
Decrease round 10: *k2tog, k3* around

Decrease round 11 and 12: knit around
Decrease round 13: *k2tog, k2* around

Decrease round 14 and 15: knit around
Decrease round 16: *k2tog, k1* around

Round 17 and 18: knit around
Decrease round 19: *k2tog* all the way around.

*k2tog* around until you have 3 stitches remaining on your needle and continue by making an i-cord about 2 inches or as long as you like. For directions on how to make an i-cord, check out’s video (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Make a pom pom with both colors and attach it to the i-cord, weave in the ends, and voila! My small creature’s hat! If you make this hat, I’d love to hear from you!

Fold ribbing if desired.

a HUGE thanks to my dear friend Nicki for helping me get this pattern written out nicely!


2 thoughts on “Small Creature’s hat

  1. I just finished this hat pattern. It turned out great!

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