Gratitude 2-26

I’m grateful for the lovely feeling of holding a warm little hand in yours while you walk, and that the owner of said little hand says “I just love holding your hand!”

I’m grateful for 5 year olds who think that Mommy’s birthday is worthy of a school holiday.


Gratitude 4

I’m grateful for sale prices! I got 12 skeins of good quality yarns for $30!

I’m grateful for Mark who gave his tickets to Blue Man Group to the Daddy and the large creature.

I’m grateful for the enthusiasm that my boys show when they play mini golf.

Gratitude 3

I am grateful for friends who share the wealth with me, especially when it comes to knitting! Thank you Laura! I am grateful for Laura in so many other ways including (but not limited to) being a good friend to my big creature and inspiring him to blog too.

I am grateful for my husband who knows just what I wanted for Valentine’s day! And is smart enough to notice that the white chili I’ve been cooking all day doesn’t look right. Oops, I guess it would help to put the beans in it.

I am grateful for hot chili on a cold winter’s day. 😉

Gratitude 2

Today I am grateful for friends like Nicki who are supportive of me and let me cry on their shoulders. Over and over again.

I am grateful for little surprises, like the lady in Scotland who traded some yarn with me and threw in a set of stitch markers just for the heck of it. What a nice thing to do.


I would like to try to post random thoughts of the little things I am grateful for in my life. This isn’t for anyone’s benefit except my own. I hope that it helps me to remember what a wonderful life I have.

Today I am grateful for the laughter of 3 year olds in my house.

A picture is worth a thousand words

So I can barely keep up with writing in my blog … but there’s always time for a photo! I’m going to try the 365 photos (366 actually – it’s a leap year!) project. I’ll take at least one picture every day for a year. Even if I do miss a few, it’ll be a nice journal of what I’ve done this year. Click the link above if you’d like to see the pictures.
Happy New Year!

My middle computer … oops … I mean creature

Tonight, we’re watching The Polar Express (thank you Stockmans!) – we haven’t seen it in at least a year …

At one point, my middle creature says “watch what the birds do next!”

I asked him how he knows …

My big creature jumps in and says “Oh, he’s seen this before”

I said “yeah but that was at least a year ago, You’re only 5. How do you remember from that long ago?!”

He says (with a perfectly straight face) “I have a folder in my head that holds all my stuff!”